R programming

Comparing different German transport sectors by volume, using OECD data in R

Based on my recent OECD-package related post (http://www.supplychaindataanalytics.com/oecd-package-interface-in-r-reading-german-freight-transport-data-from-oecd-directly-in-r/) I extend my recenet analysis of German transport volume development by comparing different inland freight categories in a ggplot-chart. The data, again, i querried using the OECD-package in R. From the previous […]

Quadratic optimization in R with quadprog: A working example

After having demonstrated linear programming in R I want to introduce quadprog, a package for modelling and solving quadratic problems. A good theoretical introduction to quadratic programming (hence “quadratic optimization”) can be found here: https://optimization.mccormick.northwestern.edu/index.php/Quadratic_programming On stackoverflow, a useful discussion […]