Monte-carlo animation with gganimate

In this article I implement a monte-carlo animation using gganimate in R. In one of my previous posts I introduced monte-carlo simulation. Monte-carlo simulation is one of the widely applied simulation techniques in supply chain management and operations management. I explained how one can assess the risk associated with stock price volatility using monte-carlo simulation. […]

Commodity trade analysis with comtradr in R

I have already introduced various interfaces in R and Python for querying data directly from within a script. Examples covered by me inlcuded the OECD database and its interface in R, i.e. the OECD package in R. I also e.g. covered twitteR, Google trends and the EUROSTAT R-package. In this post I will use another package: comtradr. […]

June 8 – 12 platinum and palladium report updated

New platinum and palladium price reports released here: Linnart FelklData scientist focusing on simulation, optimization and modeling in R, SQL, VBA and Python

Palladium and platinum May 2020 report

Platinum and palladium prices remained stabile in most recent week, after strong turbulences in the weeks before. Weekly platinum and palladium price reports have been updated and are available under the reports section of this website. Below charts display relevant platinum and palladium closing price time series, for the past 300 trading days. Linnart FelklData […]