Agent-based simulation in forestry & farming

Agent-based simulation can be a useful tool for forestry planning and farming planning as it can help simulate and understand the complex interactions between system entities. Agent-based simulation is a method for complex system design and analysis. The method implements micro-scopic system behaviour with agents that interact with eachother and with the environment that they […]

Commercial simulation project failures

Discrete-event simulation has been around for a long time. Growing computation power has aided the application of discrete-event simulation in recent years. This is especially true with regards to visualization and animation of the models themselves. However, the method, related procedures, the process and software related to discrete-event simulation was also applied 20 years ago. […]

Retail supply chain ABM in Python

In this article I post a simple distribution supply chain agent-based model in Python. Agent-based modelling (abbreviated to ABM) was already introduced by me in various other blog posts. Here are some introductionary references that will get you started. I have also developed a Python package for grid-based agent-based simulations. This package can be used […]

Agent-based simulation for business

In this article I highlight some exemplary application areas of agent-based simulation for business. In previous articles I already introduced various major simulation methods, including agent-based simulation. I want to remind you of the main simulation methods available to supply chain analysts: 1) System dynamics, 2) discrete-event simulation, 3) monte-carlo simulation, 4) gaming, 5) spreadsheet […]

A webshop for simulation developers

In this article I introduce my webshop for simulation model development experts. Being a simulation developer myself I have spent a lot of time developing simulation models from scratch. Sometimes I asked myself why no one has created a webshop with pre-developed simulation models, components and documentation yet? Having access to such a platform, with […]

Faster Python simulations with Numba

An essential part of simulation modeling is simulation runtime. Large discrete-event simulation models and even medium-sized agent-based simulation models consume computational ressources and can have a very long runtime. This is especially true if the source code is fully written in Python. I therefore conducted some tests with Numba in Python. I share my results […]

Conway’s game of life in Python

Another agent-based simulation example from my side! In this article I will implement Conway’s game of life in Python, using the agent-based modeling framework abm_framework. You can find the framework by clicking the link below. Link: Conway’s game of life is a good introduction to agent-based modeling and it is also taught at universities […]

Agent-based segregation model (Python)

I previously introduced the first sprint of an agent-based modeling and simulation framework that I am working on. In this blog post I implement an agent-based segregation model in Python. Similar models, with some adjustments and deviations, are e.g. used for understanding social segregation. The primary objective of this blog post is to deliver another […]

Agent-based SIR model Python example

In this article I implement a SIR model in Python, using a library that I developed for agent-based modeling in Python. In other words, I use an existing framework to implement an agent-based SIR model. Introducing agent-based SIR model SIR stands for susceptible, infected, and recovered. As illustrated in below figure, in a SIR model, […]

Simulation methods for SCM analysts

Simulation is becoming increasingly popular for factory planning, process design, supply chain optimization and supply chain management. In this article I provide a basic overview and introduction of relevant simulation methods. It is important to point out that when choosing a simulation pipeline for your project you do not have to make an exclusive selection […]