Vehicle age and milage Kaggle analysis in R

In previous post I loaded, cleaned and visualized aspects of a data set retrieved from Kaggle. The data set was based on ebay and used car postings from Germany. In this post I want to conduct additional analysis steps. Main objective will be to gain better understanding of how prices and thus the value of […]

Regression in R: A method comparison

In this article I provide various examples of regression in R. I compare various regression methods using R. The methods that I will introduce are simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, polynomial regression, decision tree regression, and support vector machine regression. Required packages for regression in R I start by loading the required packages (in […]

Digital trace data for Bayer stock price analysis in R

In this article I post a script that queries financial stock data from quantmod using the Bayer stock ticker from Yahoo Finance. Moreover I query Google search intensity data using gtrendsR, tweets via twitteR and The Guardian news articles using GuardianR. All related to the global enterprise Bayer AG. I plot the relationship of these […]