About us

This site is operated by experts. Each expert contributes with domain knowledge. Together we build the most influential blog and knowledge base related to advanced analytics in supply chain management and manufacturing. We achieve this goal by publishing high-qualtiy content in the form of white papers, tutorials, use cases, concepts and prototypes. Our content is meant to be a direct value-add for our readers, equipping them with tools and insights to improve their projects and businesses in the field of supply chain management and manufacturing operations.

Our main focus is on applied operations research – but we do also cover other topics as requested by our target audience.

Our target audience are supply chain consultants, logistics and operations managers, production planners, industrial engineers, process engineers as well as data analysts and data scientists. Our concepts and knowledge can e.g. be incorporated into corporate supply chain strategies and network designs or industrial warehouse management software.

Here is a list of all contributors supporting this site: