10 trends in supply chain management

In the world of supply chain management, ten transformative trends are redefining the way goods are sourced, manufactured, and delivered. These trends, together with digitalization, e-trade, sustainability, and automation, are fostering performance, transparency, and flexibility. Embracing those adjustments is important for corporations searching to thrive in a dynamic global market. Supply chain management is a […]

Free scheduling software for manufacturing

There are several free and open-source software solutions available for scheduling manufacturing jobs. These tools can help you optimize production processes, manage resources, and improve overall efficiency. Some of them are: In addition, you can implement your own scheduler using e.g. Excel Solver or scheduling libraries in Python, Julia or other programming languages. You may […]

Manufacturing Execution System examples

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software are software solutions used in manufacturing industries to manage and monitor various aspects of the production process. There are several popular MES systems available in the market, and their popularity may change over time as new solutions emerge. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are both […]

Analytics in manufacturing execution systems

Analytics plays a crucial role in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) by helping organizations gain valuable insights from the vast amount of data generated on the shop floor. To leverage analytics effectively in MES, it’s essential to have a data strategy in place, including data collection, storage, and integration with other systems (e.g., ERP, CRM). Additionally, […]

Industries with naturally large batch sizes

Data driven analytics applications are especially valuable in production processes with naturally large batch sizes. This is because analytics, in the form of e.g. intelligent scheduling decision engines, aids efficient resource allocation and utilization – directly improving operational results. Naturally, large batch sizes occurs in production processes with naturally economies of scale, i.e. high setup […]