Scheduling software for small manufacturers

Smaller job shop still often perform production scheduling manually in Excel or ERP systems. In these cases, the responsible production planner (or scheduler) assigns jobs to machines manually, and determines their sequence as well as possibly also their planned start and end dates. The planner makes all decisions based on his or her knowledge and […]

Production levelling for improved planning

Production levelling helps in smoothing customer demand out over time, and aims at proposing a feasible and steady production schedule and plan. This helps production planning departments and production control in smoothing out peaks and reduces the risk of backlogs, as it creates an overall more realistic an manageable inventory build-up. When done effectively, production […]

Simulation for operational excellence – 11 levers

Imagine a world where your organization operates at peak efficiency, continuously improves its processes, and navigates through uncertainty with confidence. This is the power of combining simulation with operational excellence (OpEx) principles. Simulation is your crystal ball, allowing you to visualize, experiment, and optimize your operations before making real-world changes. Picture a manufacturing line fine-tuned […]

Implementing multi-stage production scheduling

Effective production scheduling takes place over many stages, facilitating a production planning process that starts in the sales department with customer sales demand planning, and ends with feedback collection from the customer after receiving shipments. In this article I will go through relevant production planning stages one by one, and point out how each stage […]

Commercial production scheduling software list

In this article I list and review some popular and maybe also less-known commercial production scheduling software. I have included the following production scheduling software solutions: Oracle APS, SAP APO, MRPeasy, PlanningPME, NetSuite, MS Project, PlanningPME, Planilog, Preactor, Quintiq, JobBOSS, QMS, JustFood, FlexiBake, AIMMS, Infor APS, Asprova, Genius Manufacturing, Syspro, PlanetTogether, Fishbowl Manufacturing, MIE Trak […]