Drawing a factory AutoCAD layout in Python

I have established an extensive VBA and Python documentation covering AutoCAD automatization. In this article I demonstrate some of this in Python, using pyautocad and win32com. I do so by creating a factory layout drawing in AutoCAD. It is a simple layout with a few machines. The example is provided in below Python code: This […]

Python for AutoCAD engineers

Python is a popular high-level programming language that is widely used by engineers for automating repetitive tasks. Python for AutoCAD can achieve this too, besides e.g. VBA for AutoCAD. The Python concepts introduced by me in this article will be sufficient for getting started with Python for AutoCAD automatization. Variables in Python Variables: In Python, […]

10 exemplary AutoCAD commands in Python

I frequently expand on our the existing AutoCAD automation documentation in Python and VBA. In this article I show 10 exemplary AutoCAD commands in Python. For this I first setup a reference to AutoCAD in Python using pyautocad. Add line AutoCAD command in Python with AddLine AddLine() adds a line to the current space. I […]

AutoCAD 3D pyramid: Object, properties, API

In this post I provide an introduction to and documentation of the AutoCAD 3D pyramid object. This post is part of our AutoCAD automatization documentation that demonstrates successful implementation of APIs in VBA and also Python for AutoCAD automatization. You can find related links to this documentation at the bottom of this post. Drawing AutoCAD […]

Working with AutoCAD in Excel and Python

In this article I will demonstrate how data from Excel sheets can be used to draw objects on AutoCAD using Python. Libraries for working with Excel and AutoCAD in Python For this particular demonstration, I am using pyautocad and the openpyxl Python libraries. The openpyxl Python module helps me fetch data from an existing Excel […]