Using DataFrames and PyPlot in Julia

Julia includes many packages that could be used in operation research and optimization in general. This article serves as a brief introduction to different packages available in Julia’s ecosystem. I will focus on two packages that are stepping-stones in future work: DataFrames.jl and PyPlots. DataFrames.jl provides a set of tools for working with tabular data […]

Introduction to Julia: Julia basic bootcamp

After having introduced in one of my previous posts optimization and linear programming, I explain the basics of the Julia programming language in this article. The article represents a tutorial and is based on the official Julia documentation. My tutorial covers the key aspects that I will later use, in upcoming blog posts, for solving […]

Optimization with JuMP and GLPK in Julia

As a result of the emergence and progress of open-source languages SCM and OR analysts have access to a growing number of constantly improving tools and solvers. Julia, for example, is a flexible dynamic open-source programming language that is appropriate for scientific and numerical computing. Julia’s source code is available on GitHub and the programming […]

Linear programming in Julia with GLPK and JuMP

In previous posts we have covered various linear programming examples in both Python and R. We have e.g. introduced lpSolve in R, PuLP in Python, Gekko in Python, MIP in Python, ortools in Python as well as many other packages and modules for linear programming. In this post I will demonstrate how one can implement […]