Monte-carlo animation with gganimate

In this article I implement a monte-carlo animation using gganimate in R. In one of my previous posts I introduced monte-carlo simulation. Monte-carlo simulation is one of the widely applied simulation techniques in supply chain management and operations management. I explained how one can assess the risk associated with stock price volatility using monte-carlo simulation. […]

ggplot2 animation with gganimate in R

gganimate converts any ggplot2 visualization into a ggplot2 animation. I have already published various posts containing gganimate animations. For R programmers or analysts with proficiency in R this is a very interesting package. See e.g. my blog post introducing comtradr for international trade analysis (containing an animation created with gganimate) and my post containing spatial data […]

Commodity trade analysis with comtradr in R

I have already introduced various interfaces in R and Python for querying data directly from within a script. Examples covered by me inlcuded the OECD database and its interface in R, i.e. the OECD package in R. I also e.g. covered twitteR, Google trends and the EUROSTAT R-package. In this post I will use another package: comtradr. […]

Spatial data animation: ggmap & gganimate

Following a series of introductionary posts on spatial data visualization in R, covering packages such as ggmap, leaflet, tidygeocoder, geopy, deckgl and osmdata, I here present a framework utilizing some relevant packages. The framework was developed in R. It was implemented in a real-world project and was used to visualize the spread of defined groups. […]

Altair in Python for visualizing Tesla stock

I previous posts I have already introduced seaborn and matplotlib.pyplot for visualization in Python. In this post I want to introduce the altair module. This is an alternative module supporting visualization in Python. The altair module can be installed with pip install via the command prompt. Below I import the altair module along with pandas […]