Job shop simulation with salabim in Python

Following my recent article on job shop simulation in Python with SimPy I was asked to also publish an example covering salabim in Python. SimPy and salabim have similar syntax, with some differences. Both are used for discrete-event simulation (DES) model implementation. SimPy has certainly a larger user base and more third party packages. On […]

Visualizing SimPy job shop simulation

I am following up on my recent simplified job shop simulation example in SimPy. Today I want to show you how you can collect simulation data in a SimPy simulation model. I will use the data for data visualization. As you will see visualizing SimPy simulation data is easy and flexible. A simple job shop […]

Job shop simulation in SimPy

Today another technical post with a quick introduction to job shop simulation in SimPy – another discrete-event simulation model development option in Python. This package is among my favorite simulation tools. You can see some examples that I built with it here: In this article I model a small job shop with 2 machines. Both […]

Retail supply chain ABM in Python

In this article I post a simple distribution supply chain agent-based model in Python. Agent-based modelling (abbreviated to ABM) was already introduced by me in various other blog posts. Here are some introductionary references that will get you started. I have also developed a Python package for grid-based agent-based simulations. This package can be used […]

Drawing a factory AutoCAD layout in Python

I have established an extensive VBA and Python documentation covering AutoCAD automatization. In this article I demonstrate some of this in Python, using pyautocad and win32com. I do so by creating a factory layout drawing in AutoCAD. It is a simple layout with a few machines. The example is provided in below Python code: This […]