A webshop for simulation developers

In this article I introduce my webshop for simulation model development experts. Being a simulation developer myself I have spent a lot of time developing simulation models from scratch. Sometimes I asked myself why no one has created a webshop with pre-developed simulation models, components and documentation yet? Having access to such a platform, with […]

Numba speeds up monte-carlo simulation

In today’s post I will provide another example that shows how numba can speed up a numerical simulation. I apply the module to a monte-carlo simulation of stock price random walks. This is a popular monte-carlo simulation example and I also provided and example of this in a blog post several years ago. Monte-carlo simulation […]

Faster Python simulations with Numba

An essential part of simulation modeling is simulation runtime. Large discrete-event simulation models and even medium-sized agent-based simulation models consume computational ressources and can have a very long runtime. This is especially true if the source code is fully written in Python. I therefore conducted some tests with Numba in Python. I share my results […]

Monte-carlo animation with gganimate

In this article I implement a monte-carlo animation using gganimate in R. In one of my previous posts I introduced monte-carlo simulation. Monte-carlo simulation is one of the widely applied simulation techniques in supply chain management and operations management. I explained how one can assess the risk associated with stock price volatility using monte-carlo simulation. […]

Simulation methods for SCM analysts

Simulation is becoming increasingly popular for factory planning, process design, supply chain optimization and supply chain management. In this article I provide a basic overview and introduction of relevant simulation methods. It is important to point out that when choosing a simulation pipeline for your project you do not have to make an exclusive selection […]