5 popular industrial simulation applications

Discrete event simulation is a powerful technique used to model and analyze systems that involve discrete, sequential events. I have covered discrete-event simulation extensively in various SCDA blog posts. In this article I point out five classical examples of discrete-event simulation in a broad range of industries. I will furthermore point out concrete application examples […]

10 trends in supply chain management

In the world of supply chain management, ten transformative trends are redefining the way goods are sourced, manufactured, and delivered. These trends, together with digitalization, e-trade, sustainability, and automation, are fostering performance, transparency, and flexibility. Embracing those adjustments is important for corporations searching to thrive in a dynamic global market. Supply chain management is a […]

Supply chain visibility trends & facts 2023

The ever-growing ecommerce market and consumer demand have disrupted modern supply chains. They have become complex, and a lack of proper management often leads to major losses. For example, India spends about $160 billion on road logistics, twice what countries with better transportation management spend, due to inefficiently planned freight movement. Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) […]

Supply chain resiliency: Preparing for crisis

Supply Chain Resiliency refers to the ability of a supply chain to bounce back, recover, and adapt swiftly and effectively in the face of unexpected disruptions, crises, or challenges. These disruptions can include natural disasters, pandemics, geopolitical issues, economic fluctuations, supplier failures, transportation disruptions, and other unforeseen events that can significantly impact the flow of […]

Critical issues in supply chain management

Supply chain management is a complex field that faces various challenges in ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction. Supply chain management involves coordinating and optimizing various processes to deliver products or services to end customers. In this article, we will explore 10 challenges and critical issues in supply chain management that commonly arise, and we […]