Optimized SCM capacity scheduling

Most companies in a supply chain have tools that help them manage their assets throughout the entire supply chain. Exemplary tools for such assest management are e.g. ERPs, CRMs, SGAs, etc. By default, however, such solutions do not apply any analytical intelligence to schedules. Integrating artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization capabilities into capacity planning and […]

Inventory simulation for optimized stock

Inventory optimization refers to reducing excess inventory, avoiding lost sales due to unavailability of items in stock, well-defined safety stocks and reorder points, and much more. In this article I demonstrate how simulation can be used to master the challenges of inventory optimization. A commercial project example from a pharmaceutical supply chain (case study) underlines […]

Conveyor system optimization procedure

I want to show how you can optimize a conveyor system with a combination of mathematical modeling and discrete-event simulation (DES). This is an addition to the rich variety of conveyor optimization examples available in industry. However, as I will explain in this article the workflow and procedure proposed by me leads to significantly better […]

Support vector machine with Gekko in Python

In this blog post I model a support vector machine in Python. Previously, I modeled and solved the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) in Python using Pyomo (+). I described that the “similarity” of two facilities could be a reason for putting them closer to each other when assigning them to a set of pre-determined positions. […]

Pyomo for quadratic assignment problem

No matter if it is the assignment of departments to empty rooms in a building, machines to manufacturing cells, factories to geographical regions, products to racks in a warehouse, sensors to devices, edge computers inside the internet of things network, public transport stations to different zones in a city, you may need to model and […]