Pyomo for quadratic assignment problem

No matter if it is the assignment of departments to empty rooms in a building, machines to manufacturing cells, factories to geographical regions, products to racks in a warehouse, sensors to devices, edge computers inside the internet of things network, public transport stations to different zones in a city, you may need to model and […]

Gekko for linear demand pricing

How can we decide on a product or service price using observed data over time? For example, a retailer may have changed the price for a specific product in multiple time slots of a week, tested the demanded quantity (sales) based on different prices, and now wants to know the optimal price to set for […]

Using solvers for optimization in Python

Following the previous article on modeling and solving an optimization problem in Python using several “interfaces” (+), in this article, I try to provide a comprehensive review of open-source (OS), free, free & open-source (FOSS), and commercial “solvers,” which are usually used for specific types of problems and coded with low-level programming languages (such as […]

Gradient descent in R, for non-linear optimization (nloptr package)

This post introduces gradient descent optimization in R, using the nloptr package. For solving transport problems or network modelling problems, linear programming will suffice. Nevertheless, depending on the topic at hand, non-linear programming might become relevant when considering additional constraints or objectives that are non-linear. R provides a package for solving non-linear problems: nloptr In […]