SCDA maintains a supply chain analytics directory. The directory comprises supply chain analytics consulting and engineering businesses, software vendors and software products, as well as software development companies. The directory comprises small businesses and aims at listing companies with a employee headcount of less than 20. All companies in this supply chain analytics directory MUST be using analytics, e.g. in the form of mathematical programming, discrete-event simulation or other methods and techniques.

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The overview below groups businesses into domain areas, i.e. areas of main expertise. The domain ares considered for the supply chain analytics directory are e.g. discrete-event simulation, scheduling, network design, advanced planning systems, and many more. In any case this directory does only list small-sized companies, i.e. businesses with a small headcount.

Discrete-event simulation consultancies

Businesses providing services related to discrete-event simulation modeling, training and study execution. Consultancies belonging to this group may distribute simulation software.

Scheduling consultancies

Developers and consultants providing services such as custom scheduling API development.

Network design consultancies

Consultants and analysts that, amongst other things, can use their mathematical modeling skills or existing tools to optimize distribution chains and supply chain network designs.

Advanced planning system vendors

Software vendors delivering enterprise planning solutions, e.g. for production planning or general enterprise ressource planning.

Advanced planning systems

Operational excellence consultancies

Consultants that execute operational improvement projects and facilitate operational excellence.

General mathematical modeling businesses

Businesses that use mathematical modeling and optimization for a wide range of supply chain management related topics.

General mathematical modeling

Factory planning offices

Engineering groups that can add major value to factory planning projects, e.g. in the form of layout simulations or concept animations.

Pricing consultancies

Consultants that can optimize pricing policies and discount programs using mathematical programming.


Inventory management consultancies

Consultancies that specialize in inventory optimization, inventory management and inventory planning.

Inventory management

Dashboarding businesses

Developers and analysts that can create reports, visualizations and dashboards for monitoring daily operations and continuous improvement initiatives.

Forecasting consultancies

Forecasting experts for e.g. sales forecasting, sales forecasting, and general market forecastis.

Warehouse management software vendors

Software vendors that develop warehouse management software and warehouse managing algorithms.

Warehouse management software

Manufacturing execution system vendors

Software vendors that develop manufacturing execution systems .

Manufacturing execution system

Supply chain strategy consultancies

Consultancies and engineering offices specializing in helping their clients with supply chain strategy.

Supply chain strategy

Digital transformation consultancies

Operational managers and consultancies helping clients in navigating through digital transformation projects.

Intralogistics engineers

Engineering offices specialized in intralogistics.


Sourcing consultancies and software vendors

Business consultancies using analytics for better sourcing, and software vendors delivering analytics-based software that improves sourcing decisions and sourcing processes.

IoT engineers and product vendors

Product developers, software vendors and engineering offices specializing in IoT.

Shipping & transport management platforms

Platforms for shipping and transport management.

Data analytics & information system experts

Consultans and software developers integrating data analytics into information systems.

Business intelligence software vendors and consultancies

Software developers and consultancies applying business intelligence to SCM problems, and integrating business intelligence into businesses for improved SCM and manufacturing.

Business intelligence