SPSS, SAS and Stata data in R with haven

In this short article I introduce the haven package in R, and how it can be used for importing data from SPSS in SAV-file format into R. I already demonstrated this as part of a longer coding example, in which I animated spatial distribution of specimen detections as documented in a SAV-file. In previous posts […]

Python SELECT statement in SQLite3 database

In a previous post on SQLite 3 and Python I added two related tables to a SQLite 3 database, usign Pyhton. The tables are called universitiesTBxx and studentsTBxx. Both tables are stored in a database called “newDatabase.db”. Students are enlisted at a university. Information related to the respective university is contained by the universitiesTBxx table. […]

Adding entries to SQLite 3 database in Python

In a previous post I already demonstarted how one can connect to a SQLite 3 database in Python and how one can create tables in the connected database. I also demonstrate how one can write data into a table created in a SQLite 3 database. In this post I will create two tables in a […]

SQLite databases and data tables in Python

In this post I will demonstrate how you can create SQL databases powered by SQLite as a database engine in Python. I will be using the sqlite3 engine. The SQLite driver is installed by default through the Python installation itself. Below code snippet is taken directly from https://www.sqlitetutorial.net/sqlite-python/create-tables/. It implements functions for creating a database […]