SAP PP task groups, routings and operations

Routing structure

A routing is plant specific, but a routing can comprise or reference operations from other plants, and vice versa – as long as both plants belong to the same controlling area.

Task list groups

  • You can create task list groups In SAP PP
  • Routings can be assigned to a task list group
  • As member of a task list group a single routing can be found via a counter
  • Usually, one will specify task list groups for routings with similar operation sequence, i.e. production process
  • For a given material there can various routings, representing alternative production processes. Those routings would be members of different task list groups

Changing and accessing routings

  • Existing routings can be changed using TC CA02
  • For accessing a routing, the following information is required:
    • Material no.
    • Plant no.
    • Group no.
  • Based on material, plant and group no. there can be multiple routings, i.e. alternative routings
  • Routings in the same group are separated by group counter and usage parameter (usage is specified when creating routing in TC CA01)

Adding or displaying operations

  • In the routing header one can specify operations under the operations tab
  • Operations are numbered / indexed and are described by (at least):
    • Work center assignment
    • Plant assignment
    • Control key
  • The control key maps a set of indicator settings to the operation, e.g.:
    • Operation relevant for cost calculation?
    • Operation relevant for capacity requirements planning?
    • Operation relevant for scheduling?
    • Must purchase requisitions be created upon production order creation?

Information comprised by operations

Required informationOptional information for scheduling
Work stepQueue time (overlap with setup time possible)
Standard value (time) for execution of work stepMove time
Quantity to produceWait time (overlap with teardown time possible)

Other information is taken e.g. from the work center (machine time, setup time, labour time, teardown time, etc.), the order, the BOM etc.

Lot-size ranges

When creating a routing a lot-size range can be specified with the following parameters:

  • from lot size
  • to lot size

For a production order with a defined order quantity the routing with matching lot-size range will be selected.

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