Intro to production versions in SAP PP

In SAP PP, a production version maps BOM with routing.

A production version is created for a material, from the MRP 4 view of the material master.

There can be multiple production versions for a material.

A validity period must specified when creating a production version for a material.

Alternative BOM, BOM usage and routing group number are all specified in the “details” section of a production version.

How to create a production version

For mass processing use TC C223.

Otherwise, use TC MM02 to access relevant material master; then:

  • go to MRP 4 view
  • click the “ProdVersions” button
  • create new entry, i.e. new production version
  • when asked to populate production version details, remember to specify
    • relevant lot size range
    • relevant validity periode
    • routing group number
    • relevant routing group counter for precise routing identification
    • correct alternative BOM and BOM usage
    • click “Check” button to verify that specified BOM and routing actually exist

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