AutoCAD REGION command

The AutoCAD REGION command allows you to convert objects into regions. I provide a basic introduction in this post. I have already introduced other basic AutoCAD commands in other post (e.g. AutoCAD PLINE, AutoCAD SPLINE etc.).

Below I trigger the REGION command in AutoCAD.

I select the entire object, using the REGION command.

When using the following commands, AutoCAD will now consider above object as one region:

  • AutoCAD BOUNDARY command
  • AutoCAD INTERSECT command
  • AutoCAD MASSPROP command
  • AutoCAD SUBTRACT command
  • AutoCAD UNION command

This completes my introduction on the REGION command in AutoCAD. In other posts I e.g. introduce Python scripting for AutoCAD, using the pyautocad module in Python.

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