Drawing a factory AutoCAD layout in Python

I have established an extensive VBA and Python documentation covering AutoCAD automatization. In this article I demonstrate some of this in Python, using pyautocad and win32com. I do so by creating a factory layout drawing in AutoCAD. It is a simple layout with a few machines.

The example is provided in below Python code:

import math
import win32com.client
from pyautocad import Autocad, APoint

# AutoCAD instance
acad = Autocad(create_if_not_exists=True)

# Set the drawing units to millimeters
acad.doc.Units = win32com.client.constants.acMillimeters

# drawing limits
acad.doc.SetLimits(APoint(-5000, -5000), APoint(5000, 5000))

# machine dimensions
machine_width = 500
machine_length = 1000
machine_height = 500

# machine positions
machine_positions = [
    APoint(1000, 1000),
    APoint(2500, 1000),
    APoint(2500, 2500),
    APoint(1000, 2500)

# machine names
machine_names = ["Machine 1", "Machine 2", "Machine 3", "Machine 4"]

# machine colors
machine_colors = [1, 2, 3, 4]

# new layer for the machines
machines_layer = acad.doc.Layers.Add("Machines")

# create the machines
for i, position in enumerate(machine_positions):
    # Create the machine block
    machine_block = acad.model.InsertBlock(
        APoint(position.x, position.y, 0),
    # set machine name
    machine_block.GetAttributes()[0].TextString = machine_names[i]
    # machine color setting
    machine_block.TrueColor = machine_colors[i]
    # add machine block to desired layer
    machine_block.Layer = machines_layer
    # save AutoCAD drawing

This code creates a basic factory layout with four machines, each with a different color and name. You can modify the machine positions, names, and colors to create your own factory layout.

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