Free scheduling software for manufacturing

There are several free and open-source software solutions available for scheduling manufacturing jobs. These tools can help you optimize production processes, manage resources, and improve overall efficiency. Some of them are:

  • MRP Mate
  • xTuple
  • OpenScheduler
  • JobShopScheduler
  • Freeside Scheduler
  • Production-Scheduler
  • OpenPPM
  • OptaPlanner
  • OpenMES
  • MESbox

In addition, you can implement your own scheduler using e.g. Excel Solver or scheduling libraries in Python, Julia or other programming languages. You may also be able to purchase scheduling models or spreadsheet in these models that are specific to your problem, which compared to purchasing a commercial software license can be considered to be very cheap, i.e. almost free. Here some examples that I published on this blog in the past:

Below, I provide a short summary and review of xTuple and OptaPlanner.

xTuple scheduling software

xTuple is a robust, open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with integrated Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality. Ideal for small to medium-sized manufacturers and distributors, xTuple offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing various aspects of business operations. It excels in inventory control, order management, and financials, in addition to MRP.

With xTuple, users can streamline their manufacturing processes, handle sales and procurement, and gain insights into their financial performance. While it provides a wide range of capabilities, xTuple may require a steeper learning curve due to its extensive feature set. Additionally, some users might find that advanced customization and support require a paid subscription, making it less suitable for businesses with limited budgets. Nevertheless, xTuple remains a powerful open-source ERP solution with considerable potential for businesses seeking integrated MRP and ERP functionality.


OptaPlanner is an open-source constraint satisfaction solver and optimization engine designed to help businesses solve complex scheduling and planning problems. It is particularly valuable for tasks that involve resource allocation, employee scheduling, vehicle routing, and other optimization challenges.

Key features of OptaPlanner include constraint management, automatic resource allocation, and support for various optimization algorithms. It provides businesses with the ability to find optimal solutions to intricate planning and scheduling problems, ultimately improving efficiency and resource utilization.

OptaPlanner is a versatile tool that can be used across different industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. However, it may require some programming and technical expertise to integrate into specific business workflows and applications. It is well-suited for organizations seeking to address complex optimization challenges through open-source solutions and custom implementations.

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