JAVA collections

In JAVA, the Collection framework provides a way of storing, manipulating and managing object groups. With the use of collections it is e.g. possible to sort, search, insert, manipulate, and delete data.

The Collection framework in JAVA provides the following interfaces:

  • Set
  • SortedSet (extends Set)
  • List
  • Queue
  • Deque (extends Queue)

The Collection framework provides the following JAVA classes (i.e. the following collections):

  • ArrayList in JAVA (implements List)
  • Vector in JAVA (implements List)
  • Stack in JAVA (implements List, extends Vector)
  • LinkedList in JAVA (implements List)
  • PriorityQueue in JAVA (implements Queue)
  • HashSet in JAVA (implements Set)
  • LinkedHashSet in JAVA (implements Set)
  • TreeSet in JAVA (implements SortedSet)

The classes facilitate implements of the framework’s interfaces.