UPS FedEx stock analysis in pandas_datareader

I have already demonstrated how you can retrieve e.g. GDP data from FRED using pandas_datareader in Python. I have also analyzed stock prices for Procter & Gamble using Yahoo Finance as a source and pulling the data via pandas_datareader. In this post I want to analyze daily stock returns, for UPS and FedEx. I will […]

Pandas_datareader for Yahoo stock prices

In other posts I have demonstrated how one can use quandl in Python to query time series data on e.g. equity prices. In this post I demonstrate how one can query stock price data from e.g. Yahoo finance, using the pandas_datareader module in Python. In the example below I import pandas_datareader and query Procter & […]

Digital trace data for Bayer stock price analysis in R

In this article I post a script that queries financial stock data from quantmod using the Bayer stock ticker from Yahoo Finance. Moreover I query Google search intensity data using gtrendsR, tweets via twitteR and The Guardian news articles using GuardianR. All related to the global enterprise Bayer AG. I plot the relationship of these […]