Excel Solver for SCM analysts – 3 examples

The Excel Solver add-on in Excel can be used by any Excel user. Excel Solver allows Excel users to implement mathematical programing in Excel. In this way Excel users can solve optimization problems. In this blog post I provide 3 application examples of Excel Solver in SCM. Prioritizing purchasing spend in Excel Solver Imagine an […]

Regression analysis for SCM and ERP

Supply chain management commonly makes use of regression analysis to analyze relationships between variables and make predictions about future outcomes. Exemplary application domains are control of production levels, inventory levels, transportation costs, delivery times, customer demand, scrap reduction and customer satisfaction. In today’s blog post I write about regression analysis, its application in SCM, and […]

ERP software for retail business

A retail business sells products or services to consumers for either personal, household, or business use. Retail businesses can be small or big and can e.g. take the form of independent stores, chain stores, or online stores. Retailers can choose to sell a wide range of products, including clothing, electronics, groceries, home goods, and more, […]

Retail supply chain ABM in Python

In this article I post a simple distribution supply chain agent-based model in Python. Agent-based modelling (abbreviated to ABM) was already introduced by me in various other blog posts. Here are some introductionary references that will get you started. I have also developed a Python package for grid-based agent-based simulations. This package can be used […]

Optimized SCM capacity scheduling

Most companies in a supply chain have tools that help them manage their assets throughout the entire supply chain. Exemplary tools for such assest management are e.g. ERPs, CRMs, SGAs, etc. By default, however, such solutions do not apply any analytical intelligence to schedules. Integrating artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization capabilities into capacity planning and […]