Spatial data visualization in Python and R

This article introduces the concept of spatial data visualization pipeline in R or Python. I have written various posts covering spatial data visualization for supply chain analysis and management, in both R and Python. Relevant libraries comprise e.g. Leaflet in Python, leaflet in R, deckgl in R and ggmap in R. I have also demonstrated […]

Spatial data animation: ggmap & gganimate

Following a series of introductionary posts on spatial data visualization in R, covering packages such as ggmap, leaflet, tidygeocoder, geopy, deckgl and osmdata, I here present a framework utilizing some relevant packages. The framework was developed in R. It was implemented in a real-world project and was used to visualize the spread of defined groups. […]

ggmap in R for map-based plots

This article covers ggmap in R. I will show how you can create map-based scatter plots and density plots using ggmap in R. In other articles on this blog I have already provided examples on how to create heatmaps in R. For this I e.g. created density plots with deckgl and Leaflet. As I frequently […]