Production levelling for improved planning

Production levelling helps in smoothing customer demand out over time, and aims at proposing a feasible and steady production schedule and plan. This helps production planning departments and production control in smoothing out peaks and reduces the risk of backlogs, as it creates an overall more realistic an manageable inventory build-up. When done effectively, production […]

Regression analysis for SCM and ERP

Supply chain management commonly makes use of regression analysis to analyze relationships between variables and make predictions about future outcomes. Exemplary application domains are control of production levels, inventory levels, transportation costs, delivery times, customer demand, scrap reduction and customer satisfaction. In today’s blog post I write about regression analysis, its application in SCM, and […]

ERP software for retail business

A retail business sells products or services to consumers for either personal, household, or business use. Retail businesses can be small or big and can e.g. take the form of independent stores, chain stores, or online stores. Retailers can choose to sell a wide range of products, including clothing, electronics, groceries, home goods, and more, […]

Manufacturing MRP planning software

MRP stands for Material Requirements Planning. MRP is a method – and it is used by manufacturing companies to plan and manage production processes. MRP software solutions automate associated management processes. This makes material requirements management and production planning more accurate, more efficient, and faster. MRP software solutions are popular and important because they help […]

Modern ERP in digital manufacturing

Modern ERP software facilitates traceability. Traceability is very important to most manufacturing companies. For many manufacturing companies, it is essential to find anomalies and quickly identify their causes. To facilitate traceability manufacturing companies need good tools that can guarantee the appropriate collection and distribution of relevant data. In this article, I will explain the role […]