Visualization of SimPy parking lot simulation results

I recently shared a Python simulation modeling example using SimPy in Python. Using SimPy, a discrete-event simulation library available in Python, I modeled a parking lot with a defined amount of slots and a defined car arrival process. In this follow-up tutorial on visualization of SimPy simulation models I show how, using the same baseline […]

SimPy parking lot simulation modeling example

I wanted to expand on my series of SimPy examples for supply chain and manufacturing simulation. In this article I show how you can model a parking lot in Python, using SimPy. SimPy is a discrete-event simulation modeling library in Python. Other SimPy examples and also R-based parking lot simmer simulation models have already been […]

Haul truck simulation for mining industry

Discrete-event simulation offers numerous benefits for haul truck simulations. It provides a realistic representation of real-world scenarios, incorporating factors like traffic, loading/unloading, and route variability. This flexibility allows for the testing of different scenarios, leading to optimized trucking operations and cost reduction through improved resource allocation and scheduling. Moreover, it helps in risk mitigation by […]

Truck haulage simulation animation in Python

In this article I will share a discrete-event simulation animation example in Python. More specifically a truck haul transport simulation animation for a mine, using SimPy and DesViz in Python. This example, and the DesViz module, was developed by Prof. Paul Corry and his team and I am resharing his example in this post. Using […]

Emulation and simulation in SCM

This article aims to elucidate the distinctions between emulation and simulation, two essential concepts in the fields of computer science, engineering, and various other domains. Emulation and simulation are often used interchangeably, but they represent distinct approaches to replicating real-world systems and processes. In today’s blog post I will define, compare, and contrast simulation and […]