Simulation for operational excellence – 11 levers

Imagine a world where your organization operates at peak efficiency, continuously improves its processes, and navigates through uncertainty with confidence. This is the power of combining simulation with operational excellence (OpEx) principles. Simulation is your crystal ball, allowing you to visualize, experiment, and optimize your operations before making real-world changes. Picture a manufacturing line fine-tuned […]

5 popular industrial simulation applications

Discrete event simulation is a powerful technique used to model and analyze systems that involve discrete, sequential events. I have covered discrete-event simulation extensively in various SCDA blog posts. In this article I point out five classical examples of discrete-event simulation in a broad range of industries. I will furthermore point out concrete application examples […]

Implementing multi-stage production scheduling

Effective production scheduling takes place over many stages, facilitating a production planning process that starts in the sales department with customer sales demand planning, and ends with feedback collection from the customer after receiving shipments. In this article I will go through relevant production planning stages one by one, and point out how each stage […]

Commercial production scheduling software list

In this article I list and review some popular and maybe also less-known commercial production scheduling software. I have included the following production scheduling software solutions: Oracle APS, SAP APO, MRPeasy, PlanningPME, NetSuite, MS Project, PlanningPME, Planilog, Preactor, Quintiq, JobBOSS, QMS, JustFood, FlexiBake, AIMMS, Infor APS, Asprova, Genius Manufacturing, Syspro, PlanetTogether, Fishbowl Manufacturing, MIE Trak […]

10 trends in supply chain management

In the world of supply chain management, ten transformative trends are redefining the way goods are sourced, manufactured, and delivered. These trends, together with digitalization, e-trade, sustainability, and automation, are fostering performance, transparency, and flexibility. Embracing those adjustments is important for corporations searching to thrive in a dynamic global market. Supply chain management is a […]