fuel demand data visualized in R

In previous posts I have analyzed sales and production output data related to German and US automotive industry, provided by sources such as US Federal Reserve, and German VDA (lobby for German automotive industry). For this, see e.g. my previous posts titled as follows:

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Now I found a data set containing time series data on vehicle type fuel consumption, provided by Montgomery County. The data can be downloaded here: or

The data gives insights into fuel type market share development in 2018, in Montegomery Country.

In below R code I read in the csv-file downloaded from that side. I proceed by displaying the header of the data frame:

data_df = read.csv2("fuel consumption.csv",header=TRUE,sep=",",dec=".")
##   Report.Month.Year                    Fuel.Type Fuel.Quantity..In.Gallons.
## 1        10/01/2018                      ETHANOL                    1711.06
## 2        12/01/2018                       DIESEL                  271875.40
## 3        12/01/2018                     UNLEADED                  175248.62
## 4        11/01/2018                       DIESEL                  276922.46
## 5        11/01/2018                      ETHANOL                    1192.99
## 6        12/01/2018 COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG)                  117017.11

I want to plot this data with ggplot2 in R. For this I convert the date entries into date format. Afterwards I produce a plot using the ggplot2 package in R.

colnames(data_df) = c("month","type","consumption")
data_df$month = as.Date(data_df$month,"%m/%d/%Y")
ggplot(data_df) + geom_col(mapping=aes(x=month,y=consumption/1000,fill=type)) + 
  labs(title="Consumption in thousand Gallons, by fuel type In 2018",
       subtitle="Data provided by Montgomery Country, published on &") + 
  xlab("months") + 
  ylab("consumption [thousand gallons]")

According to the data has been collected based on fuel transactions.

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