Oil pump capacity Excel model

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This downloadable virtual product contains a case study applying Excel Solver and integer programming to oil well pump capacity planning. That is, this product is a simple capacity planning Excel Solver template.

In detail, this product includes:

  • PDF file with a presentation of the case study.
  • Excel sheet with Excel Solver model implementation of the integer program.
  • Instructions for how to activate the Solver add-in in Excel.

Who will benefit from this integer optimization Excel solver model?

This downloadable product suits supply chain analysts, operations researchers, transport planners, and students that want to:

  • Get a hands-on example on how integer programming can be applied
  • Obtain an integer programming optimization template in Excel
  • Learn Excel Solver

Brief case study description

A new oil field is prepared for production. Oil pumps are to be installed for crude oil production. There are various types of oil pumps available on the market. They differ in price, surface area requirement, and production capacity.

The problem: Minimize oil pump purchase spending but ensure the required production target. Also, oil field surface area available for pump installation is another constraint that must be considered.

Below is an exemplary satellite image of an oil well field in Texas, USA.

integer oil pump capacity planning

Relevant KPIs traced and outputted by this model

The model contained by this product tracks relevant KPIs.

The following KPIs supported by the model:

  • Purchase expenses for oil pumps
  • Production output in barrels of oil
  • Surface area occupied for oil pump installations

Learn more about integer programming

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