Haversine method with Excel VBA

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This downloadable virtual product contains Excel template with a VBA implementation of the Haversine method. The Haversine method is a method for distance calculation between two point in a latitude-longitude coordinate system.

In detail, this virtual product contains:

  • An implementation of the Haversine method in Excel VBA, applicable as a function.
  • The function works in any Macro-enabled Excel-Spreadsheet.
  • The function has four input parameters: Latitude 1 and latitude 2 (of the two points being measured, and longitude 1 and longitude 2.
  • A Macro-enabled Excel-Spreadsheet with an exemplary Haversine method implementation, calculating the distance between two location (defined with latitude and longitude coordinates).

Who will benefit from this warehouse facility planning model?

This downloadable product suits supply chain analysts, operations researchers, transport planners, and students that want to:

  • Calculate distances between locations defined by latitude and longitude coordiantes.
  • Have access to an implantation of the Haversine distance calculation method in Excel.
  • Use a predefined, easy-to-use, Excel function.

Brief description of exemplary applications of this model

For demonstration and verification purposes the Excel-Spreadsheet contains an example. The distance between two sea port locations in Rio de Janeiro state, Brasil, are listed with associated latitude and longitude coordinates. The distance is calculated with the Haversine Excel-VBA implementation.

Relevant KPIs traced and outputted by this model         

The following KPIs supported by the model.

  • Distance in kilometers.
  • Distance in miles.

For this, the Excel-model contains two Haversine method implementations, named:

  • haversine_km
  • haversine_miles

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