Geocoder & heat mapping app

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This downloadable virtual product contains a Shiny Python project for running and / or deploying a web app for geocoding customer data into spatial data, and for visualizing transactional data (e.g. shipping or sales data) with heat maps. This is how this app provides an overview of the spatial distribution of transactional data, e.g. sales, shipping, or purchasing volumes. See the Youtube video below for a quick demonstration.

The downloadable zip-file contains the Python source code for running the application on your local computer, or for deploying it directly to – or another hosting service. If you want to setup this code and model as a web application but need assistance for doing so then please contact us through our contact form for assistance in this matter (provided at an additional fee).

Possible applications of and benefits from this app

This app is meant as

  1. a tool for visualizing spatial distributions of relevant KPIs within relevant customer clusters, as part of an early customer cluster analysis in supply chain network design projects, or strategic marketing projects
  2. a base template for add-on customizations (e.g. this tool could receive cost and network related input data and calculate optimal delivery routes, facility locations, and more)

For custimizations please contact us through our contact form.

Rate limits and geocoding service used

This app uses a free-to-use geocoding web-service for geocoding customer addresses into geo-coordinates. This service has two limitations:

  1. Sometimes an address is not found, i.e. not successfully geocoded
  2. The service has a rate limit, i.e. a upper limit to the amount of hourly and daily geocoding requests

If you need to geocode addresses with very high precision (i.e. if you need 95% or more of addresses to be geocoded successfully), or if you have very large amounts of customer to geocode (10,000 or more), then a commercial service should be used instead. For this, please contact us via the contact form so that we can discuss the best geocoding service for you (considering also the associated service fees, which are non-SCDA fees i.e. external 3rd party fees). We can implement the respective service into the application for you, but the service itself must be paid by you.


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