Agent-based simulation framework in Python

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This virtual product is a downloadable zip-file that, when unzipped, is a Python project that can both be used as a framework for implementing grid-based agent-based simulation models in Python. The framework comes with exemplary model implementations that are also documented on the SCDA blog. You can see some exemplary animations and results generated by the framework below.

Example models, consuming the framework, included in this downloadable virtual product comprise e.g. the following:

The product includes 45 min free consultation that can be used in one or two short video calls. In these video calls any questions that you might have, related to the agent-based framework purchased here, can be discussed and clarified. The time can also be used to get a quick training in how to use the framework.

The product is downloadable 1 time. If you need another download you can contact us via the contact form. The download limit is in place to ensure that the product is only downloaded by one and not several users.

The download link is accessible for 30 days. If you need a download link renewal please contact us via the contact form.

Currently no tax is collected on this items, as per existing regulation and revenue limit of this website. In future, taxes might be collected and in that case also specified in the invoice for tax-deduction purposes, if our services exceed currently regulated revenue limits.

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