Carsalesbase US vehicle sales analysis in R

In previous posts I have querried and visualized data related to US automotive industry, using public data provided by e.g. the Federal Reserve or the US bureau of labor statistics.

As a further reference, I wanted to plot a graph on total US passenger car and light commercial vehicle sales, according to

The data has been copied from here:

Using my other posts, it can be cross-validated.

data_df = read.csv2("passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.csv",
                    stringsAsFactors = FALSE,

ggplot(data_df) + geom_point(aes(x=year,y=sales/1000000),color="black",size=3) + geom_path(aes(x=year,y=sales/1000000),color="red",size=2,alpha=0.5) +
  labs(title="Total annual US passenger car and light commercial vehicle sales",
       subtitle="Data according to, in mio. units (for US automotive industry)") + 
  ylab("sales volume [mio units]")+

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