Introduction to object snaps in AutoCAD

In previous posts I introduced AutoCAD polar tracking and angle locking in AutoCAD.

In this post I will demonstrate object snaps in AutoCAD. This too is a feature supporting precision in AutoCAD. Object snaps are the most important precision feature in AutoCAD.

Object snaps are made available or possible during relevant commands. If you for example create a new line, then you can snap its start point to an existing obejct – such as e.g. the end point of an existing line.

Start point of new line is snapped onto end point of existing line object

Use the OSNAP command in AutoCAD to specify default object snaps.

Entering the OSNAP command in AutoCAD

You will be prompted for the object snap types that you want to enable.

Set which object snap modes you want to be enabled

AutoCAD object snapping also enables you to align object horizontally and vertically from an object snap location. Below is an example, where I want to create a new line in a drawing with an already existing circle geometry object. This is referred to as AutoCAD object snap tracking.

AutoCAD object snap tracking supports e.g. horizontal alignment of new line start point

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