Modifying AutoCAD drawings

In previous posts I have introduced e.g. a AutoCAD line, AutoCAD polyline, AutoCAD circle, AutoCAD rectangle, AutoCAD layers, AutoCAD object properties and various AutoCAD features.

In this post I want to demonstrate how AutoCAD supports modification of existing drawings. AutoCAD provides tools for e.g. erasing, trimming and moving objects in a drawing. The figure below displays the most commonly used tools for modification of drawings. These tools are accessible in the AutoCAD home tab.

Most commonly used tools for modifying AutoCAD drawings

Example: Erasing objects in AutoCAD

Enter the ERASE command into the AutoCAD command line. Next, click the object that you want to erase. Press enter. The has been deleted.

Activating ERASE command in AutoCAD
Selecting object to delete
After clicking object to erase and pressing enter it has successfully been deleted

Below is another example where I use the ERASE command again. This time I select multiple objects. This I do by clicking an empty area in the drawing. I then move the cursor over the area where the relevant objects are located. When moving cursor to the left the selection type is a “crossing selection”, selecting all objects that are at least partially within the marked area. If I move the cursor to the right the selection type is a “window selection” in which only objects fully contained by the marked area are selected.

With a second click at a point beyond those objects I will select them and thereby successfully delete them (upon pressing the ENTER key).

Selecting multiple objects while conducting the ERASE command, using crossing selection
All objects are deleted upon pressing enter

Other relevant modification commands in Python are:

  • COPY
  • MOVE
  • TRIM

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