Locking angles in AutoCAD

In a previous post I demonstrated polar tracking in AutoCAD. The possibility of locking angles in AutoCAD is another precision feature available in AutoCAD.

Angle locking allows you to e.g. lock the angle for the next point in a line.

Below I enter the LINE command in AutoCAD.

Activating LINE command in AutoCAD

I click the start point where I want the line to being. Next, I specify the angle for the next point of the line by entering “<45” (45 is the angle of in this case 45 degrees). This is referred to as angle locking in AutoCAD.

Angle locking for AutoCAD line

I then move the mouse in the direction I want the line to run into and enter the distance which the line should measure. I.e. I make use of polar tracking.

Specify length of line after angle locking (polar tracking)

I press enter and then ESC. The line is now complete.

Completed AutoCAD line after angle locking and polar tracking

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