Introduction to material master in SAP

Basic information on the material master in SAP:

  • Has relationships to many other data
  • Characterizes input, intermediate and output goods
  • Used in both production and trade
  • Has a unique material number
  • Material is created using transaction MM01
  • Production version is specified in the material master
  • Relationship structure between materials is defined in the BOM
  • BOM defines quantities required for e.g. assemblies

Types of information contained by the material master:

  • Accounting information (e.g. standard price)
  • Materials planning and control information (e.g. safety stock level)
  • Purchasing information (e.g. purchasing group)
  • Engineering information (e.g. CAD drawings)
  • Storage information (e.g. packaging dimensions)
  • Forecasting information (e.g. forecasting period)
  • Sales and distribution information (e.g. minimum order quantity)

Master master “views” relevant to production planning:

  • Basic data view
  • MRP views

Examples of standard material types:

VKHM: additionalsWERB: advertisingMODE: apparelFGTR: beveragesWETT: competitive products
KMAT: configurable materialsLEER / LGUT: emptiesFERT: finished productsFOOD: foods excluding perishablesVOLL: full products
INTR: intra materialsCONT: kanban containersIBAU: maintenance assembliesHERS: manufacturer partsNOF1: nonfoods
NLAG: nonstock materialsUNBW: non-valuated materialsHIBE: operating suppliesVERP: packaging materialsFRIP: perishables
PIPE: pipeline materialsPROC: process materialsPROD: product groupsFHMI: production resourcesROH: raw materials
HALB: semifinished productsDIEN: servicesERSA: spare partsHAWA: trading goodsWERT: value-only articles

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