Important SAP PP planner roles

There are six important planner roles for production planning and control in SAP PP. Their responsibilities can be mapped to master data maintenance and actual production planning and production control.

The roles assigned to master data maintenance are the following:

Design office

The design office role is responsible for maintaining the bill of material.

Work center supervisor

This role is responsible for work center data maintenance.

Planner group

The planner group role maintains the routings.

The roles assigned to production planning and control are the following:

MRP controller

The MRP controller role is responsible for requirements coverage. This involves material availability management and creation of proposed purchase orders.

Capacity planner

The capacity planner role is responsible for a feasible, cost minimal and customer satisfaction maximizing production schedule over the medium-term.

Production scheduler

The production scheduler produces the production schedule in the short term and might thus also do some adjustments to the schedule provided by capacity planner.

Below table provides an overview of customization paths by important planner role:

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