Important organizational units in SAP PP

From the perspective of SAP PP the most important organizational units are the client, company code, plant and storage location.

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  • Self-contained organizational unit.
  • Represents highest organizational level
  • Organizational units such as company code, plant and storage location exist within a client
  • The client could e.g. represent a business unit, to which several company units belong
  • A SAP ERP system can contain several clients
  • When logging into SAP ERP, one has to choose a client

Company code:

  • A company can contain several plants
  • The company code is used by accounting
  • Balance sheets, income statements etc. are e.g. created on company code level
  • A company code is country, city, currency and language specific
  • These details can be adjusted with transaction code EC01


  • A plant is not necessarily referring to a physical plant
  • Rather, a plant is an abstract organizational unit
  • Several e.g. physical production sites can be assigned to the same map
  • A subsidiary of a company could e.g. be modelled using a plant unit
  • Production planning and control is conducted on plant level
  • Plant information can be adjusted by accessing transaction EC02

Storage location:

  • Storage location number is only unique within respective plant
  • I.e. several storage location can exist for a plant
  • Storage locations can be adjusted using transaction OX09

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