Hatches with AutoCAD HATCH command

I have already introduced a AutoCAD line, AutoCAD polyline, AutoCAD circle and AutoCAD rectangle.

In this post I will introduced hatches in AutoCAD. You can create hatches with the HATCH command.

Hatches are compound objects that can have a pattern. The pattern can be:

  • lines
  • dots
  • shapes
  • fill colors (solid fill)
  • gradient fill

First, type in the HATCH command.

AutoCAD hatch command

Next, pick a pattern.

Pick a pattern for AutoCAD hatch

Now click on the object that you want to fill with the hatch pattern. E.g. a circle.

AutoCAD HATCH command used on AutoCAD circle

The AutoCAD HATCH command will accept any area that is completely enclosed by objects.

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