F1 – F12 functions in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD you can use keyboard keys F1 to F12 to access helpful functions.

F1Help function; opens for active tool tip
F2Displays command history (expanded history)
F3Turn object snapping on or off
F4Turn on 3D object snaps
F5Cycle through isoplane settings
F6Aligns user coordinate system with planar surfaces
F7Display or hide grid
F8Lock cursor movement to either horizontal or vertical axis
F9Set cursor movement to be restricted to defined grid intervals
F10Polar tracking; restrict cursor movement along specified angle
F11Object snap tracking; align cursor with object snap locations
F12Display distances and angles that are near cursor

Below are some examples for above AutoCAD functions.

F1: Help function in AutoCAD for active tooltip
F2: Expanded command history
F3: Turn obejct snapping on or off
F4: Turn 3D object snaps on or off
F5: Cycle through isoplane settings
F6: Turn dynamic user coordinate system on or off
F7: Display or hide grid
F8: Locks cursor movement horizontally or vertically, e.g. when place next point in line
F9: Restricts cursor movement to specified grid intervals only
F10: Turn polar tracking on or off
F11: Turn object snap tracking on or off

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