Calculating derivative of Python function

A quick exercise in implementing an algorithm calculates the coefficients of the first derivative of a continuous function with one variable.

Implementation is done in the code below. The function takes a list of coefficients. These must be specified in the order of variable degree. For the function below the list of coefficients would thus be [1,3,4,2]:

# function for calculating first derivative
def firstDerivative(listOfCoefficients):
    # derived coeffiecients will be appended to below list
    derived_coefficients = []
    # derivative coefficients
    for i in range(0,len(listOfCoefficients)):
    # return derived coefficients
    return derived_coefficients

The function is tested below:

[0, 3, 8, 6]

The same could have been achieved using list comprehension in Python:

coefficients = [1,3,4,2]
[coefficients[i]*i for i in range(0,len(coefficients)) ]
[0, 3, 8, 6]

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