Introduction to AutoCAD XLINE command

In this post I will demonstrate the AutoCAD XLINE command. In other posts I already demonstrated simple AutoCAD commands such as e.g. AutoCAD LINE, AutoCAD MLINE, AutoCAD CIRCLE, AutoCAD OFFSET and many more.

You can create construction lines of infinite length in your AutoCAD drawing with the AutoCAD XLINE command.

I start by entering the XLINE command into AutoCAD.

AutoCAD then prompts me for the start point of the XLINE. Having selected the starting point AutoCAD will prompt for the through point. I can choose multiple through points if I want to place xlines in multiple directions. Below I placed two.

Now I can e.g. use the AutoCAD OFFSET command to offset the existing xlines. Below I used the AutoCAD OFFSET command twice, offsetting existing xlines by 50 mm outwards.

If you want to create XLINES based on some well-defined logic then a Python script might be the way to go. Using the pyautocad module you can create Python scripts for AutoCAD. This might be very useful for large projects or repetitive work.

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