AutoCAD POLYGON command

In previous posts I demonstrated objects such as AutoCAD line, AutoCAD circle, AutoCAD rectangle, AutoCAD polyline, AutoCAD hatch etc.

In this post I will demonstrate the AutoCAD POLYGON command for creating a polygon object. In AutoCAD, a polygon is an equilateral closed polyline.

I enter the POLYGON command in AutoCAD.

I will be prompted for the number of sides in the polygon. I choose 5.

Next, I have to specify the center of the polygon by e.g. clicking the position. AutoCAD will then prompt me whether I want polygon to be inscribed in circle or circumscribed about circle.

If I choose “inscribed in circle” and press ENTER, I can specify the diameter for an outer circle that completely contains the polygon. If I choose “circumscribed about circle” then I can specify the diameter of an inner circle that fits inside the polygon.

Below, I choose “circumscribed about circle” and press ENTER. As can be seen from the figure AutoCAD asks me to specify the diameter of the inner circle of the polygon.

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