AutoCAD object properties

In previous posts I have introduced basics in AutoCAD. E.g. I have demonstrated a AutoCAD line, AutoCAD polyline, AutoCAD rectangle, AutoCAD circle as well as AutoCAD layers and various settings, functions and features.

In this post I want to introduce AutoCAD object properties and how you can adjust them.

In AutoCAD, e.g. geometry objects have properties. Using the PROPERTIES command you can open the AutoCAD properties palette.

Entering the AutoCAD PROPERTIES command to access the properties palette
The AutoCAD properties palette

The properties palette displays property settings. You can change property settings directly in the properties palette. When selecting an object in the drawing the properties palette will display its property settings and allow you to adjust them.

In the example above there is currently no object selected. I click the red rectangle in my drawing and the properties palette displays its properties.

Upon clicking the red rectangle the properties palette displays its properties

In the properties palette I now e.g. layer assignment and color.

Adjusting layer assignment and color properties for selected polyline object (rectangle)

This example also shows you that a rectangle is nothing but a AutoCAD polyline. Under “Misc” you can e.g. set the polyline to be open. The result is shown in below figure.

Setting the “Closed” property to “no” results in an open polyline

In AutoCAD you can match properties of objects by using match properties feature. For this, enter the MATCHPROP command.

Activating the AutoCAD MATCHPROP command

Select the source object after having entered the MATCHPROP command.

Selecting the source object as part of the AutoCAD MATCHPROP command

Next, select the objects to which the property values should be transferred.

Selecting rectangle as “destination” object

Click enter to complete the command.

Final outcome after completing the AutoCAD MATCHPROP command

The AutoCAD home tab provides quick access to properties. E.g. coloring and linetype assignment can be done via the quick access, without the PROPERTIES command. Linetypes have to be loaded first – otherwise they will not be available for assignment.

I use the quick access to load an additional line type and I assign it to the polyline

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