Introduction to AutoCAD DIST command

In previous posts I have provided basic introductions to AutoCAD. E.g. I have introduced AutoCAD line, AutoCAD polyline, AutoCAD circle etc. I have also introduced various helpful AutoCAD functions (F1 to F12 in AutoCAD).

In this post I want to demonstrate the AutoCAD DIST command.

I start by entering the DIST command into the AutoCAD command line.

Entering AutoCAD DIST command into AutoCAD command line

I can use the AutoCAD DIST command for measuring the distance between two points.

I use the DIST command to measure the distance between two arbitrary points
AutoCAD returns the distance information in lower right corner of the screen

When using distance measuring between two objects I can use the command in combination with AutoCAD object snaps. In below example I measure the distance between the center points of two AutoCAD rectangles.

Measuring the distance between a left and right AutoCAD rectangle, using the DIST command

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