Working with AutoCAD in Excel and Python

In this article I will demonstrate how data from Excel sheets can be used to draw objects on AutoCAD using Python. Libraries for working with Excel and AutoCAD in Python For this particular demonstration, I am using pyautocad and the openpyxl Python libraries. The openpyxl Python module helps me fetch data from an existing Excel […]

SelectionSet object in AutoCAD with Python

In this article I will discuss the SelectionSet object in AutoCAD and methods to automatize operations for the same using Python. Along with that I will also add a small introduction coverign the Group object. Preparing the code for this AutoCAD example For this coding example I am using the pythoncom and win32com modules. These […]

DimAligned object in AutoCAD using Python

In this article I introduce DimAligned object in AutoCAD with Python. In general, adding dimensions manually is a very tedious task that I can avoid if I use Python automatization instead. For this tutorial I am using the pyautocad module in Python. I can also use the pywin32 and win32com modules in Python for this. […]

AutoCAD Attribute object in Python

In my previous article I discussed AutoCAD Block objects and other related objects related to the AutoCAD Block class. In that article I also briefly introduced Block atrributes. Now, in this article, I mainly focus on the AutoCAD Attribute class. I am using the pyautocad module for this article, but I can also use communication […]

AutoCAD Block object in Python

In this article I elaborate on Block objects in AutoCAD and how working with them can be automatized using Python. Although for this practical example I am using the pyautocad library I can also use pythoncom. I have explained how to use communication modules in Python in previous blog posts. More precisely, I am specifically […]