Public data sources for automotive industry

OICA production output statistics: OICA is the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. OICA provides sales and production statistics for all relevant countries in open data sets. These can be retrieved from

Fig. 1: A time series of total Chinese, German, Japanese and US American automotive production output, from 2005 to 2019

EPA data: EPA is the United States Environmental Protection Agency. On their website one can find many openly available datasets:

Fig. 2: Comparing powertrain market shares, using EPA data

Kaggle ebay data: Relevant data can also be obtained from Kaggle. I e.g. found a dataset on the German used car market. The dataset consisted of ebay postings from Germany and provided information on sales price, milage, year of registration etc. The dataset, which I have used for analyzing used car prices, is available here:

Fig. 3: Based on ebay scraped German used car postings data from Kaggle I visualize price distribution based on years of age and kilometres of “milage” fuel consumption data: Data related to automotive industry can also be retrieved from, e.g. here: and This particular dataset contained information on fuel consumption by fuel type, in Montgomery County (USA).

Fig. 4: Fuel consumption by fuel type, in Montgomery Country – based on data from sales data: is another source for vehicle sales data. US car sales data can e.g. be obtained here:

Fig. 5: Sales volume of US passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, from

Time series data by US bureau or labor statistics: US bureau of labor statistics provides relevant datasets on their website. E.g. I analyzed hourly earnings in US automotive industry using data available here:

Fig. 6: Average hourly earnings, based on data from US bureau of labor statistics

VDA time series data on German automotive industry: VDA is the German automotive lobby. The organization provides data on its website.

Fig. 7: German new car registrations, based on data provided by VDA

FRED domestic car production data: The US Federal Reserve provides public data on automotive industry too. There even is an interface available in R, in the form of the fredr package. You can read more about this R-package here:

Fig. 8: Monthly car production data as provided by US Federal Reserve

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